PEACEMAKER: SEASON 1 Review, cast and more

Peacemaker is a show on the American cable channel TNT. The show stars Elizabeth Olsen as the daughter of Martin Odum, a black CIA operative killed during his mission and who’s been in cryogenic stasis since then.”
Peacemaker is one of the underrated TV shows that you should watch. It’s one of the most amazing tv series I have ever seen. So you should really check out this amazing tv-series and I’m sure you will be as happy as I am. We are just in fandom for Peacemaker right? There are some tv series that we can’t forget when we have watched them and Peacemaker is one of those tv series that we can’t forget about.
This show similar to “The Suicide Squad” is about a black ops team, which is by the way amazing. The whole concept is great and I love it because of all the new exciting things that I get to see in this tv series. There are always interesting storylines and characters that make this tv series so good. So if you like action shows with a little bit of drama and romance then Peacemaker will be right for you, especially if you are looking for a good action show to watch online. This tv show can be watched online on Watch series here in the best quality over OTT platforms.

Peacemaker Trailer

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  • John Cena as Peacemaker (Christopher Smith)
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Elizabeth Odum (Tiffani Thiessen)
  • Ron Cephas Jones as Smith and Carter (Jamil Smith)
  • Omid Abtahi as Abdul Shakoor (Lamorne Morris)
  • Peter Macdissi as Kimball Dawkins (Robert Knepper)

Jet Jurgensmeyer as Bello Gonzales (Alexander Zukovsky)The cast for the show includes Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Carpenter, and Ron Cephas Jones. The show’s creator is Warren Leight and the producers are Gregory N Acker and Geyer Kosinski. The theme song will be sung by Juicy J who just released his album Stay Trippy, it will also be available on iTunes.

Final Words: Even after all this time I still can’t get over how good this show was. If you’re looking for an action show to watch online then Peacemaker is for you and on the best quality of course. go on the ott platform if you miss this show.

Peacemaker Season 1
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